Internet eine Schimäre der Kunst

Internet is a advertising media and the biggest dumpground on earth. worldwide saga about its 100% wisdom-status is absolut nonsense, not even 50 % of worlds wisdom is to be found there.
Newest idea is to place and post own artpieces in hope of world wide distribution power in order to sell more or become famous. What a blasphemic hope! Well, distribution is worldwide but not seen and not sold, nor recognized or upgraded- just to fill another dump area with another work to offer itself to copy or be forgotten... internet is an ad-media where posts live for a second an then beeing covered with another post more attractive.
Artist of the world: look out for clients and customers instead of internet response, because artist live from selling to high prices. Selling derives from personal reputation by a prospect buyer that had seen works and loved it... such a thing will not happen by internet.
Artworks are prestigeous things that have a smell, a look, a feeling, a size, a humming sound, a wave and a prize you can judge by all this when standing in front of it.

And don't forget: when you work with internet, you still need to tell everybody that you are in the internet: doublecost! If you forget to serve and pamper your sites you will be off within a fortnight.