Mini Hangouts

Small spaces and places. For you and me and no one else.

Within the city space of Frankfurt/Main.

A project started by Jonas Endres in 2005.


Hangout Rotlint

Mini Hangout in der Rotlintstrasse. Mai 2007

A single chair and a single deskop. Ready to open your own private public office on the street. Rolf offered to use his mobile phone. Seen in Rotlintstrasse, Frankfurt Nordend.

Hangout Zeil

Mini Hangout auf der Zeil während der Weihnachtszeit 2006

Your own private public phone booth, squeezed inbetween the cabins of the christmas market and the subway entrance on Zeil shopping street.


Mini Hangout auf der Mainzer Landstrasse 2006

Come here for a seat in the last row. This one is for backseat boys and girls. Have your secret hangout behind the trash boxes. Location is Mainzer Landstrasse again, best place for hang in and out every day. Welcome.

More Hangout

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