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Dear Mr. Bayrle

Postkarte an Thomas Bayrle 1998 --- 1998-08-bayrle-c.tif

Postkarte an Thomas Bayrle zur Aktion "Wir wissen, wer Sie sind", im multi.trudi Kunstraum am 29.8. 1998

Thomas Bayrle
Dürerstr. 10
60596 Frankfurt

Stockholm, 24.8. 1998

Dear Mr. Bayrle,

we are two Swedish moralists. We not only know that you screw around with your studendts. You also had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. We cleraly see you putting your dick in her mouse. This is two much! We've gathered tons of evidence of your indecent behaviour at our haedquarter at molti.trody, Franziusstr. 20, Sat., 29.8., 22:00. WE're shure you don't want this to come up. So be punctual. Otherwise we'll inform waif and daughter. Sucker!

Leif Molti / Trody Liljennberg



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