Galerie Fruchtig


Followup of Gartners member Annette Gloser. Annette pioneered the east harbour area of Frankfurt, giving it a "radical chic" for new ventures like the Ostklub (1996) and other party activities. The Galerie Fruchtig extended and enlarged the Gartners concept and featured nearly everything from performance, music, full scale installation, poetry readings to Korean cooking sessions.

Galerie Fruchtig am Güterbahnhof Ost

Südliche Zufuhrstr. 127, 60314 Frankfurt

Time of Operation
July 1995 - November 1998

Abandoned since
December 1998

The area is going to be used by the German Railway for the extension of their freight station + ideas from investor Ardi Goldman for an amusement area.
The building was destroyed in 2005.

This project is no more in operation.
The place itself may still exist.


Galerie Fruchtig
Südliche Zufuhrstr. 127
60314 Frankfurt



Persons of this Place

Annette Gloser

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