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Homeless Artspaces

Artspaces that we have lost between 1992 and 2000 in Frankfurt and Offenbach.


Kunstraum Gartners 1993

Mainzer Landstr. 121, 60327 Frankfurt

Time of Operation
March 1993 - March 1995

Abandoned since
April 1995

insecure; building might be torn down during restructuring process of the whole area. But recently (07/2002) there have been signs "to let" in the windows.

This project is no more in operation.
The place itself may still exist.


Kunstprojekt Muttertag in einer alten Tankstelle im Ostend 1992 --- muttertag03

Former gas station, first off-space in Frankfurt Eastend. An empty Gas station squatted by a group of Frankfurt and Offenbach art students, who called themselves "Muttertag" (after a famous horror movie).

This project is no more in operation.
The place itself may still exist.


Frankfurt Art Events related to Homeless Places 1991 - 2005


Group "Muttertag" (Mothers day, after a famous horror movie) is formed, empty gas station is squatted and transformed in an event space.


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