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Saasfee Pavillon

Saasfee Pavillon bei Nacht 2008

Der Saasfee Pavillon ist ein sagenhaftes Gebäude im Stil der 1970er Jahre, im Anlagenring unweit des Eschenheimer Turms. Man könnte meinen, es von der Gruppe Saasfee extra erschaffen worden.



Kunstraum Fahrradhalle in Offenbach

Started in March 1995 as the first artspace/offspace in Offenbach. Very busy until 2000. Minor activities afterwards. Closed in August 2007 due to lack of funding and lack of interest. Most of the artists which had been involved in the project turned elsewhere, pursueing solo careers, or switching into advertising.

This project is no more in operation.
The place itself may still exist.

Kunstraum MATO

MATO Fabrik Atelierhaus in Offenbach

Die ehemalige MATO Fabrik in Offenbach beherbergt seit 1994 Künstler verschiedener Sparten.